Glimmers of hope are beginning to appear in the fight against the coronavirus, such as a decreasing death rate. But there’s not-so-good news, too, including a push for “herd immunity,” which could result in millions more deaths. Meanwhile, the Trump administration doubles down on work requirements for Medicaid. Margot Sanger-Katz of The New York Times, Paige Winfield Cunningham of The Washington Post and Alice Miranda Ollstein of Politico join KHN’s Julie Rovner to discuss these issues and more. Plus, for extra credit, the panelists recommend their favorite health policy stories of the week they think you should read, too.

Senator Tom Daschle of South Dakota is an important figure in U.S. legislative and regulatory policy, with 25 years of combined service in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. Daschle stands out as the only senator to serve twice as both the majority and minority leader. Daschle has participated in the development and debate of almost every major issue in the last three decades.

With his extensive experience and unique perspective, Tom Daschle discusses the future of U.S. healthcare with American Healthcare Journal staff writer, Caroline Miller.